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WatchDog Station Pup (900 MHz)

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Artikelnummer: ST-3901

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WatchDog Station Pups

  • Connects to your existing WatchDog 2000 Series Full and Mini Weather Stations

  • Sends all Weather Station sensor data to your Retriever network

  • No external sensors, can only be connected to another device
  • Watchdog Wireless Station Pup

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    • Watchdog Wireless Station Pup
    • Watchdog Wireless Station Pup in Network with retreivers and repeaters


    WatchDog station Pups

    Each Sensor Pup within the network is compatible with a diverse number of sensors and offers flexibility by allowing the grower to monitor the sensor inputs they require.

    • Pups are available in 3 types, Sensor Pup, Station Pup, and Repeater Pup:
    • Single button operation: check battery status, signal strength, and join sensor network
    • Tri-colored LEDs indicate battery level, signal strength, and data communication status
    • Includes six non-rechargeable AA batteries (8 months typical life)
    • Communication range of 2,500 ft (about 1/2 mile), line-of-sight installation recommended between Pups or Retriever
    • Pups are available in both 900 MHz (US customers) and 2.4 GHz bands (international customers)
    • WatchDog Sensor Pups

    Extra informatie

    Art. nummer ST-3901
    Voeding 4 stuks AA batterijen voor 1 jaar
    Software Exclusief SpecWare software
    Geheugen Capaciteit 8800 data; 183 dagen bij 30 min. interval

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