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WatchDog Retriever Solar Powered (2.4GHz)

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€ 800,96
Artikelnummer: ST-3911S

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This is the same retriever as the WatchDog Retriever (2,4 GHz), but is solar powered.

WatchDog Retriever Solar Powered (2.4GHz)

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WatchDog Retriever with 5W solar panel and rechargeable battery pack (2200mAh, 7,2V NiMH)

Retriever logs sensor data from its network of Pups (max 16 Pups per network).

  • Single button operation: switch modes, download data, upload configuration, and check battery status
  • Tri-colored LEDs indicate mode, battery level, data communication status, and configuration status
  • Non-volatile memory preserves your logged data, even when the batteries are removed
  • Transfer data or configuration information via flash drive or direct PC connection
  • Internal flash memory on the Retriever will hold approximately 6 months of data for a 10 Pup network using 15 minute logging intervals
  • Spectrum-supplied USB flash drive will hold several years of data at the Retriever for a 10 Pup network using 15 minute logging intervals
  • 3.5mm stereo port for computer connection USB cable (included)
  • AUX port for wireless (DataScout Cellular or WiFi modem) communication connection
  • Includes six non-rechargeable AA batteries (8 months typical life)
  • DC port for optional AC/DC power adapter (Max 17VDC)
  • Retrievers are available in both 900 MHz (US customers) and 2.4 GHz bands (international customers)
  • Retriever & Pups Launch Utility software included on USB flash drive

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Art. nummer ST-3911S
Voeding solar panel 5W and rechargeable battery pack (2200 mAh, 7.2V NiMH)
Software See our SpecConnect and SpecWare software
Geheugen Capaciteit Internal Flash Memory: approx. 6 months of data for a 10 pup network with 15 min. intervals

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