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SpecConnect FieldScout Pro (1-3 devices)

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Artikelnummer: ST-3035A

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SpecConnect - FieldScout Pro

(subscription: 1 year)

Connects your FieldScout Equipment (like the TDR 350, TruFirm or SC 900) to your SpecConnect software and see your data online or on your smartphone.

SpecConnect FieldScout Pro (1-3 devices)

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Download the free FieldScout Mobile app in Apple App Store or Google Play Store and with the 1 year Pro subscription you'll get:

  • Handsfree data collection
  • Google Maps dynamic satellite image shows readings data overlaid on your property on  mobile device and web portal
  • Freeform Mode plots a point for each reading, and stores its data independently
  • Automatic wireless upload to SpecConnect for further analysis from your personal web portal
  • SpecConnect provides complete data overview at once, overlaid on a satellite map
  • Color Gradient Mapping of data points within custom selected areas or groupings
  • Map irrigation, pin locations and more

This subscription is for 1 to 3 devices

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Art. nummer ST-3035A

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