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LoRaWAN Mini Station with two external WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Moisture Sensor

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Artikelnummer: STD-18007

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LoRaWAN with two external WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Sensor for measuring Soil Moisture (VWC %), Soil EC and Soil Temperature.

2 x WaterScout SMEC 300 Sensor
0 x free Analog Sensor Port
2 x free I²C Sensor Port

LoRaWan Dual Soil Moisture Sensor measuring VWC, EC and Soil Temperature

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  • LoRaWan Dual Soil Moisture Sensor measuring VWC, EC and Soil Temperature
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This LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor Module is used to connect sensors in the field directly to the internet using the LoRaWAN network. The units are powered by a 3.6V Litihium battery with an livespan of approximately 3 years (depending on transmit interval). The unit can either connect to the Nation wide LoRa Network, or you can use it in colaboration with your own LoRa Gateway to set up a Private LoRaWAN Sensor Network. The LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor Module can be set to a user selectable measurement interval. The minimum interval time between readings / transmission is 5 min.

This LoRaWAN unit is equiped with a Backplane for Spectrum Technlogies Sensors. By using the LoRaWAN module in combination with this backplane you can connect all of the Spectrum WaterScout and LightScout Sensors like the SMEC 300, SM 100 or the Watermark Sensor from Irrometer. A maximum of two Spectrum sensors can be connected to the Spectrum Backplane, making the unit very suitable for measuring Soil Moisture Measurements at different depths (30cm and 60cm in Orchards for example), or when you want to compare Soil Moisture Content (VWC) to Soil Moisture Tension (kpa) at a certain depth.

Besides the two Analog ports for Spectrum Sensors this backplane has also two I²C sensor ports. The I²C Ports can be used to connect the Sensirion SHT3x temperature and humidity sensor, or other I²C sensors available in the market. When using the Wireless Sensor Module in combination with the Sensirion SHT3x sensor and our Tracis Software, you can use the system for Frost Alerts as well as for disease modeling.

By using this versatile LoRaWAN Module in Combination with one of the sensors on the right hand side (related items), you can turn this module into a powerfull wireless measuring device. Setup multiple units in your field or orchard to monitor water content in different soil types or at different elevations, or get good temperature and humidity information from differtent locations for Frost Alerts early in the season.


Extra informatie

Art. nummer STD-18007
Device Class N/B
spreading factor (SF) N/B
Meetbereik up to 22 Km (LOS), up to 2 Km (NLOS)
Resolutie (see sensor Specs)
Nauwkeurigheid (see sensor Specs)
Luchttemperatuur (see sensor specs)
Luchtvochtigheid (see sensor specs)
Gebruikscondities -20° to 80°C
Afmetingen 17.0 L x 11.9 W x 5.8D cm
Voeding 1 x 3.6V Lithium battery 3.6 Ah
Toepassing For use with all the analog Spectrum Sensors (Soil Moisture / Light / temperature...)

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