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Meteodata help

Below you will find some frequently asked questions on how to use


Selecting a weather station to display:

On the left you see a listing of all the weather stations in your network. When you click on the name of the weather station you

want to monitor the software automatically display the dashboard with current weathercicumstances for this station. You can also

select one of the other TAB's to create line graphs with historical weather information, or generate monthly reports.


Compare data from multiple weather stations:

If you want to compare (for instance) temperature data from different weather stations, you can check the stations you want to compare

in your weather station listing. and then use the "select sensors" pull down menu in your screen to check the temperature sensor. You can

also select multiple parameters like soil moisture and rain for multiple weather stations. Just check the weather station and sensors that

you want to compare, and then press the refresh button.