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Firmware Chip for TDR Meters

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Artikelnummer: ST-CHIP-TDR3

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This is the update chip for TDR 100, 200 and 300 Meters with a firmware earlier than version 6.5 only (shipped before 1 January 2012) for internal calibrations of different soils. The new(er) TDR Meters have the ability to calibrate.

Firmware Chip for TDR Meters

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The current and new TDR family of meters includes the option to perform a calibration on an individual meter. The calibration is done in 2 media; air and distilled water. This new feature took effect with firmware version 6.5 and is included with units shipped after January 1, 2012. Meters with firmware versions earlier than v. 6.5 can be upgraded by purchasing and installing this updated microcontroller chip.

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Art. nummer ST-CHIP-TDR3
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